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Orex Expands Mineral Concessions at Coneto Project Request for Proposals Issued for Diamond Drilling

Vancouver, B.C. - Orex Minerals Inc. - (REX: TSX-V) is pleased to present a second progress report on the geological program at the Coneto silver-gold mining camp in Durango State, Mexico.

In December, 2009, Orex applied for and was awarded an increase in the size of the mineral concession holdings in the Coneto camp, bringing the total holdings to 15,906 hectares. The addition of the "Lomas 3" mineral concession adds 12,610 hectares and spans over 16 km strike length of the main mineralized corridor.

In addition, the surface geological and geochemical mapping and sampling program has continued to yield high grade gold and silver results on multiple veins. A request for proposal has been issued to several diamond drilling companies for a Phase-I drilling program planned for 5,000 metres.

Gary Cope, President of Orex, says; "We are very pleased with the surface results to date for gold and silver. These results demonstrate strong mineralization in many veins at Coneto. We anticipate awarding a diamond drilling contract in February."

In order to better define drilling targets, the southeastern and central regions of the property have undergone extensive surface examination. This testing clearly illustrates parallel mineralized structures carrying gold and silver, as well as other pathfinder elements.

As of mid-December, regional geology mapping at 1:10,000 scale covered about 35 km2 and detailed structural geology mapping at 1:500 scale covered15 km2. Forty-nine line-kilometres of geochemical sampling, both for soil and rock channel/chip/grab, total 1,794 samples. An initial update of results was published in a news release dated 17 November 2009. The highlights in the table below are in addition to those previously released.

Key highlights include channel samples on the Sauce, Palma, and Pobre Sur veins in the central region of the camp, plus favourable signs of mineralization from prospecting related grab samples in the Loma Verde area on the west region of the camp.

Sauce vein sample #4946 yielded true width 1.0 m grading gold 17.60 g/t and silver 222.0 g/t for a silver-equivalent of 1,278 g/t and sample #4948 yielded 2.0 m grading gold 7.75 g/t and silver 242.0 g/t for a silver-equivalent of 707.0 g/t.

Palma vein sample #5152 yielded 1.2 m grading gold 6.08 g/t and silver 497.0 g/t for a silver-equivalent of 861.8 g/t and sample #5098 yielded 1.6 m grading gold 2.49 g/t and silver 564.0 g/t for a silver-equivalent of 713.4 g/t.

On a projection of the Pobre vein, herein named Pobre Sur, sample #487 yielded 1.0 m grading gold 12.50 g/t and silver 78.0 g/t for a silver-equivalent of 828.0 g/t. Grab samples from old rock piles in the Loma Verde area include #5819 which yielded gold 15.90 g/t and silver 1,750.0 g/t for a silver-equivalent of 2,704 g/t, and #5811 which yielded gold 2.60 g/t and silver 830.0 g/t for a silver-equivalent of 986.0 g/t.

Rock sampling highlights -- November 1 to December 15, 2009

Sector Sample Rock Sample True Au Ag AgEq
  Number Type Type Width (m) (g/t) (g/t) (g/t)
Impulsora Sur 366 VEIN Channel 1.1 0.65 67.0 105.8
Impulsora 408 BRXX Channel 1.0 1.51 73.0 163.6
Impulsora 410 VEIN Channel 1.8 3.39 143.0 346.4
Promentorio 422 STWK Channel 1.6 2.29 7.0 144.4
Promentorio 424 STWK Channel 3.3 3.63 4.0 221.8
Promentorio 429 VEIN Channel 1.0 1.70 139.0 241.0
Pobre Sur 487 VEIN Channel 1.0 12.50 78.0 828.0
Pobre Sur 488 VEIN Channel 0.6 4.32 42.0 301.2
Pobre Sur 489 VEIN Channel 0.5 2.65 15.0 174.0
Pobre Sur 490 VEIN Channel 1.0 1.44 68.0 154.4
Consuelo 494 VEIN Grab n/a 1.19 720.0 791.4
Consuelo 495 VEIN Grab n/a 1.97 530.0 648.2
Durazno 4691 VEIN Channel 2.0 1.27 193.0 269.2
Durazno 4692 VEIN Channel 2.0 2.59 191.0 346.4
Estrella 4868 STWK Channel 1.5 1.10 36.0 102.0
Estrella 4873 VEIN Channel 0.8 1.08 21.0 85.8
Estrella 4874 ANVT Channel 2.0 1.62 43.0 140.2
Estrella 4875 BRXX Channel 0.7 1.02 90.0 151.2
Tres Amigos 4905 ANVT Channel 2.0 3.91 129.0 363.6
Tres Amigos 4909 BRXX Channel 0.5 1.48 102.0 190.8
Tres Amigos 4922 BRXX Channel 0.5 0.54 108.0 140.1
Sauce 4945 STWK Channel 1.5 0.37 107.0 128.9
Sauce 4946 VEIN Channel 1.0 17.60 222.0 1278.0
Sauce 4948 VEIN Channel 2.0 7.75 242.0 707.0
Pobre 4957 ANVT Channel 1.0 0.64 70.0 108.2
Pobre 4962 ANVT Channel 1.1 0.91 92.0 146.5
Sauce 4969 STWK Channel 1.2 1.33 143.0 222.8
Sauce 5009 ANVT Channel 1.5 4.78 128.0 414.8
Sauce 5010 VEIN Channel 2.0 4.15 87.0 336.0
Sauce 5086 VEIN Channel 2.0 0.27 131.0 147.3
Palma 5092 VEIN Channel 1.1 2.09 117.0 242.4
Palma 5093 ANVT Channel 1.7 2.16 12.0 141.6
Palma 5094 ANVT Channel 2.0 1.38 7.0 89.8
Palma 5096 ANVT Channel 2.0 3.41 66.0 270.6
Palma 5097 VEIN Channel 2.3 2.34 97.0 237.4
Palma 5098 VEIN Channel 1.6 2.49 564.0 713.4
Sauce 5132 ANVT Channel 1.9 0.27 129.0 145.0
Sauce 5142 VEIN Channel 2.0 6.34 137.0 517.4
Sauce 5143 VEIN Channel 2.0 0.73 67.0 111.0
Palma 5152 VEIN Channel 1.2 6.08 497.0 861.8
Palma 5153 ANVT Channel 1.6 1.55 50.0 143.0
Loma Verde 5811 ANVT Grab n/a 2.60 830.0 986.0
Loma Verde 5819 VEIN Grab n/a 15.90 1750.0 2704.0

Maps of the geochemical program can be found on the Orex website at the following address: www.orexminerals.com

The first and second interim reports cover 428 B-horizon soil, 657 rock channel, 656 rock chip and 9 rock grab totaling 1,794 samples, ranging from trace to 17.60 g/t for gold and trace to 1,750 g/t for silver. SGS Mineral Services, a certified commercial laboratory in Durango, Mexico, performed the analytical testing by fire assay with atomic absorption finish, and multi-element inductively coupled plasma analyses. A QA/QC program is in place for sample collection through to laboratory analysis. Host rock is primarily andesite of the Triassic Lower Volcanic Group. Sample rock type abbreviations used in this news release are ANVT andesite with quartz veinlets, BRXX breccia, STWK stockwork, VEIN quartz vein, VNBX vein breccias and VNST vein stockwork.

Located in the Mesa Central on the eastern flank of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains, Coneto is centrally positioned in the "Mexican Silver Trend". This silver trend, stretching from Guanajuato in the southeast, through the states of Zacatecas and Durango, hosts some of the World's largest silver deposits, including the Real de Angeles, Zacatecas, Fresnillo, La Preciosa, and La Pitarrilla mining camps.

Over 40 epithermal silver-gold vein structures have been identified at Coneto. The initial Orex program consists of detailed structural geology mapping and geochemical sampling in the central, west and southeast areas. This program is designed to guide a diamond drilling program.

Ben Whiting, P.Geo., is the Qualified Person and takes responsibility for the technical disclosure in this news release.
Silver-equivalent for the purposes of this news release is defined as silver grade plus 60 times gold grade. Metallurgical recoveries and net smelter returns are assumed to be 100% for the silver-equivalent value. Base metal values are not included in the silver-equivalent value.

About Orex Minerals Inc.

Orex Minerals Inc. is a junior mineral exploration company comprised of highly qualified mining professionals with a focus on the exploration of prospective gold and gold-silver properties in Mexico.


Gary Cope

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This News Release may contain forward-looking statements including but not limited to comments regarding the timing and content of upcoming work programs, geological interpretations, receipt of property titles, potential mineral recovery processes, etc. Forward-looking statements address future events and conditions and therefore involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those currently anticipated in such statements. Orex relies upon litigation protection for forward-looking statements.

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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